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In India, the ritual of giving a baby’s name is known as Naamkaran. On the twelfth day after the birth of a child, this ritual is typically performed. The names are mainly taken from Hindu mythology, and each one carries a deep meaning. This is one of the most significant events in a person’s life because it serves as a means of establishing a person’s identity.

According to the Rig Veda, there are four components to the formula for giving a kid a name: the Nakshatra’s name, the name of the Deity of the month and the family’s deity’s name.

Benefits of Namkaran Puja in Bangalore
  • For identity purposes and for sankalp purposes, this provides the infant a formal name.
  • It is believed that doing this sanskar will grant the performer long life and good fortune in the material world.
  • To ensure that the kid has a long and prosperous life, this rite purifies the ovum and foetus of any impurities, allowing him or her to receive the blessings of the gods and a longer existence.
  • For the purpose of eradicating grah dosh, the Grah Shanti ceremony is done.

About Namkaran Puja |Naming Ceremony|

Naamkaran, the first rite of passage in a baby’s life, is of enormous significance. In addition, the Kundli of the kid is prepared and presented to the family deity for their blessings on this day. In light of the Kundli, the Brahman recommends a letter that matches the child’s name.

In addition to the Naamkaran Puja, there is a Hawan. This prayer is made to the family god and the forefather ghost, requesting their blessing and protection. To direct the speech, a betel leaf is usually used, but it is not always necessary.

Namkaran puja Process

Having a Pandit or a Pujari to perform Namkaran Puja is critical to the success of the ceremony. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Namkaran Puja Pandit or Pujari. At Harinarayan Puja, we have made it simple for you to book an appointment for puja and Vidhan. You have to phone us or send us an email by filling out the online enquiry form and let them do the rest. We can also take care of your Puja Samagri needs.

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