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This Puja, which is one of the most important and powerful Pujas of Lord Shiva, began in the Satyug period, when Lord Ram performed Rudrabhishek in Rameswaram to the Shiv Lingam in order to obtain the blessings of the Lord. Now, this Puja has emerged as the most effective method of receiving direct blessings from Lord Shiva in order to have a strong mind, excellent health, and to be free of negative effects. Get your puja performed according to Vedic norms by skilled and authorised Pandits using the highest grade samagri to ensure a pleasant puja experience as well as long-term advantages.
The Pooja is one of the most important methods of removing evil from one’s life. Furthermore, this pooja is performed in accordance with the Vedic scriptures. The ritual assists the practitioner in achieving all of his or her wishes as well as receiving rewards such as material riches all over the world. Furthermore, it can take place both at temples and in one’s own house with a Brahman in front of a Shiva Linga, if one so desires.


About Rudrabhishek Puja

The Rudrabhishek is the ritual bath of Shiv Lingam. A major and popular ceremony to honour Lord Shiva, it is regarded as the greatest spiritual puja in the vedic teachings. Performing the Puja provides protection from enemies, obstacles, and negativity.
Rudrabhishek is a traditional Vedic Hindu ritual used to placate Lord Shiva, the God of the Gods. Praising Lord Shiva in one of his most beloved Rudra avatars. Nevertheless, the Rudrabhishek puja chants 108 Shiva names. This is a common ritualistic puja in all Shiva Temples. It is also vital at the major Shiva Lingas (mainly the ones in Ujjain, Nashik, Omkareshwar, Somnath, Bhimashankar and Rameshwaram).

Benefits of Rudrabhishek Puja in Bangalore
  • It also reduces the negative impacts of Punarvasu, Pushya and Ashlesha Nakshatras.
  • It brings peace, harmony, and prosperity to a family.
  • This puja promotes a sound mind and spirit.
  • This puja is performed to wash away sins and sufferings.
  • It also helps those born under the Karka Zodaic Sign.

Six Types of Rudrabhishek Puja

Many followers feel that by performing a special puja instead of a regular or ordinary puja, they will have a greater possibility of obtaining God’s love and blessings in the future. Rudrabhishek puja can be performed in several ways.

Jal Abhishek: According to religious texts, if one performs Jalabhishek, Lord Shiva rewards the performer with good vridhi and satisfies their wants. Vrishti is a Sanskrit word that means “greater water.”

Dudh Abhishek: It is thought that if a devotee pours milk on the Shivlinga and worships him, he will be granted longevity as a reward.

Shahad Abhishek: In English, the word “shahad” means “honey.” Those who worship the Shivlinga with honey will be able to spend their lives freely and blissfully as a result. He has been set free from all of life’s difficulties and calamities.

A blend of five different ingredients, including milk, curd, sugar candy, honey, and ghee, is used to make Panchamrit Abhishek (Panchamrit Abhishek). The Panchamrit is made up of these five elements combined. Invoking Lord Shiva, they are poured on the Shivlinga and then worshipped. Many people believe that as a result of their efforts, the devotee is blessed with wealth and prosperity.

Ghee Abhishek: This avoids any type of illness or bodily difficulties from falling on the devotee as a result of doing the ritual.

Dahi Abhishek: This facilitates the conception of a child for a childless couple.

What is the best place to do Rudrabhishek?
It can be conducted in front of a Shiva Linga that has been erected in a temple or at one’s residence.

Furthermore, the Linga should be placed so that its Yoni faces north and the person performing the ritual faces east when the ceremony is being performed.

Nonetheless, the performer should sit in an Asana of Kusha, which facilitates meditation in the most effective way.

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