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Shradha (Sanskrit: श्राद्ध)  is a Sanskrit word that implies everything done with sincerity and entire confidence. It is a Hindu ritual performed to honour one’s ancestors (Sanskrit: Pitrs), particularly one’s deceased parents. It is a method for people to thank their parents and ancestors for helping them become who they are and pray for their tranquilly. It is also a “day of recollection”. It is performed for both parents on their respective ‘thithi’ – death anniversaries.

Pitru Paksha is a very fortunate time of year for holding ancestor shradh celebrations, during which people undertake specific rituals in honour of their ancestors. People think that repeating the ceremony of shradh at this time period will be extremely beneficial to their ancestors’ souls as well as their own families. By performing this ancestor puja, good fortune will be bestowed on their offspring, allowing them to achieve success in life. Those who are constantly ill should perform this pooja to speed their recovery. Success in business or career, and protection from enemies are all good reasons to perform this puja for the devotee.Plan Shradh puja in Bangalore with the help of a pandit ji.

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During Tarpana in Shradh Puja, the hand posture is important.

When making an offer, how should your hand be positioned? There is a wide range of tarpana for offerings presented to devas, rishis, and pitrus (departed ancestors).

(a) The gift is produced so that it flows over the right hand’s four fingers, save for the thumb for devas.

B) To make the offering flow properly for the rishis, place your right hand’s left wrist and ring finger in this position between them.

Offerings are prepared in such a way that they run down the right side of the right palm and over both the thumb and index finger of the right hand.

Following the Shradh Pooja Rituals

A Shradh Puja is held for the deceased. This ceremony is held annually on the same tithi. The Karta receives the full benefit of this ceremony when performed with faith and serenity of mind. The ancestors’ blessings will always be with them.Puja entails the following steps:

An offering of pinda (rice balls) blended with ghee, honey, sugar, milk, and curd. Pind Pradan should be completed with trust and devotion.

Tarpan: Til (black) with water.

Brahman Bhojan: Brahman bhojan is obligatory.

Depending on the sort of shradh, the ceremony can last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

Shraddha Paksha is a father-pleasing festival. During these 16 days (Shraddha Paksha), food is fed to the gods, cows, dogs, crows, and ants. The cow is sacred to all gods and goddesses. The dog and crow are the ancestor’s shapes in the Pitra Paksha, hence the feeding law. At this time, the crows are particularly revered, as it is thought that without grass, the shraadha karma is incomplete. The fathers are said to be honoured in the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month. During this time, gifts are made to the fathers.

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